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Sam Cook

Evening Service Lead

Promise Keeper - Part 2: The Promise of Rest // Sam Cook
The Promise of Rest

Jesus promises rest and relief to all who come to him weary and burdened.

End of the World - Part 4: Build Firm Foundations // Sam Cook
Build Firm Foundations

Your life is like a house. It’s only as strong as its foundations. So how do we build something that can withstand life’s storms?

SUBLIME - Part 4: No Longer Infants // Sam Cook
No Longer Infants

Knowing all we know now about our identity and destiny in Christ, how do we live all this out in practice?


The story of Exodus to Exile is one of being liberated from oppression but then becoming the oppressor. What can Israel teach us about liberation that goes beyond individual freedom?

The Story of Justice -  Part 1: Shalom // Sam Cook

The Creation story shows us that true peace doesn’t come from living for yourself, but in ‘shalom’ with God, with others, and with Creation. **Audio issues from 21min mark**

So Good -  Part 3: Good News! // Sam Cook
Good News!

What on earth makes the death of Jesus Good News? Why do Christians call the day of his death Good? And what difference should it make to us today?

So Good -  Part 2: Good Lord! // Sam Cook
Good Lord!

Is there more to the good news than we first imagined? Is it just good for us, or is there more to it than that?

Christmas Lite?

If we want to experience more than Christmas Lite this year it's time to look at the reason for the season.

You're The Product

Social Media mega corporations are not charities. They’re in it to make money. And if you’re not paying for it, then you’re the product.

Highways in the Heart

Believers are called to transform the barren places they find themselves in, not just survive them. How can we do this in practice?


How did one man overcome fear to fulfill his destiny?

Wholly Scripture

For many, the Bible is a book full of contradiction and myth. So can we trust the whole thing or should we just pick the good bits?

Back to the Future

John starts his Jesus story at the beginning of time. How does this impact the way we understand the nature of Jesus?

Stronger with Scripture

How do we establish a robust and rewarding relationship with Scripture? What does that look like and what are the keys to success?

Ashamed of Me

If faith is supposed to be a private, personal thing, why does Jesus demand we be so public about it?

Satan's Seed

How does the enemy try to upset God’s plan and what does that say about the world we live in today?

Justice League

How did the early church prioritise serving the needs of the poor and social justice - and what did it cost them?

When You Fast

In a time of imposed self-denial, what can we learn about the path to true happiness?


Life in the attention economy can be punishing on mental health. So how can we apply the principles and commands found in Scripture to find a way out?

Good Food Guide

What we consume has big implications for the health of our bodies and the health of our planet. It’s time we put the ‘good’ back into good food.

Jubilee Baptism

As we celebrate our 'Jubilee Baptism', Sam talks through what baptism stands for and why it's such an important marker.

Dreaming of a Right Christmas

How can we see social justice in our city this Christmas-time? An Advent Special, featuring interviews with our partners, the Crisis Centre and Beloved.

I is for Invite

If we're going to add another service then we need to start inviting more people. But how do we do this when most of us struggle to share our faith?


How do we make lasting changes in our lives?

Fighting with my Family

What’s the role of community in rebuilding the city? How do we work together when we're all so different?

Stuck in Midian

How do you make a difference when the problems seem so big and what you can offer seems so small?

Dead Man Walking

Why do we celebrate baptism, when there is so much pain in the world around us?

Trusted with Good News

Why is it so crucial for us to grasp what God has trusted us with? How can we make a difference to the lives of others?