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Getting There

Woodlands METRO takes place in Bristol Cathedral School's Cresswell Theatre.

Our evening serivce starts at 6pm and lasts for about 80 minutes or so. Afterwards there's more coffee and refreshments to be enjoyed, sometimes with a bit of entertainment thrown in. Doors open half an hour before the service, with donuts and coffee.


Bristol Cathedral School, College Square, Bristol, BS1 5TS



For the Morning Service we have a few Parking Bays directly outside our venue, reserved especially for Guests. Team will be available to help you find one.

For the Evening Service, you can park for free in the College Street Car Park on St George's Road any time after 4.30pm. Walk up College Street and turn left at the top towards the Cathedral. Go through the archway by the mini-roundabout. Follow the road down as it curves to the right towards the Cresswell Centre.

We'll be outside the main entrance, waiting for you!

We're just a short walk from many city centre bus stops. Plan your journey here

We're located close to the National Cycle Network. We have plenty of cycle parking just outside the main entrance.

If you have any accessibility issues, drive straight to the venue and we'll guide you to a special parking slot.

College Street Car Park

We have an informal understanding with Bristol City Council, who are happy for us to use the College Street Pay and Display on St George's Road as our car park on Sunday evenings.

Anyone attending our Sunday services can have use of the car park from 4.30pm onwards. As long as your car is gone by Monday morning you won't get a ticket!

If you have any issues or questions, just drop us a line.