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Our mid-week groups, or Hubs, are the heart of our community. Hubs meet all over the city, in homes and other informal venues. As far as our vision goes, they're our main means of helping people find belonging and LOVE one another.

A typical Hub evening usually kicks off with an informal social time of catching up and building friendships - usually with plenty of food and drink!

During the evening we take time to go over Sunday's talk, discussing what we heard, what issues it raised and how we can actually apply it in practice to our lives. There's always time to pray for one another at the end. 

Hubs will regularly socialise together as well as breaking bread together, just as the early believers did. They're places of love, support and friendship.

If you'd like to try out a Hub you'd be more than welcome. You can talk to us in the Welcome Area after one of our Sunday services, or you can get in touch with a Hub directly.

Use this map to find a Hub that works for you.

Simply filter for the time and type of group that works best for you.

Need help? Contact Kate, our Hubs Coordinator