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Philip Jinadu | Dec 2019

What if the reason we don't believe in God is that we've missed the signs? What if He's always been there - but we just didn't recognise Him? A Christmas message.

Sam Cook | Dec 2019

As we celebrate our 'Jubilee Baptism', Sam talks through what baptism stands for and why it's such an important marker.

Sam Cook | Dec 2019

How can we see social justice in our city this Christmas-time? An Advent Special, featuring interviews with our partners, the Crisis Centre and Beloved.

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | Nov 2019

We look at three parables that Jesus told and ask the question: what would happen if we changed the story? And in so doing, can we change our own worlds?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Kate Jinadu | Oct - Nov 2019

Christianity is not for the faint hearted. It should come with a health warning. The early believers got a reputation as trouble makers who couldn’t be controlled. So how do we rediscover a dangerous faith?

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2019

Why are you here? In a world where our every convenience is catered for, why do we feel like something's missing? If life is a gift, then what's it for? And what gives it meaning?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Sep 2019

As we prepare to launch our brand new 5pm service, what are the keys to making it happen successfully - and how can we each play a part?

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2019

We celebrate Metro's 4th Birthday and share some really big news.

4 Talks
Chloe Swinney & others | Aug 2019

Leaders provide us with a model, either as an example to follow or as cautionary tale. We look at the lives of four Israelites who wore the crown, for better or for worse.

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Jun - Jul 2019

Following Jesus won't always make your life better, but it will absolutely make you better at life. The book of James shows us how.

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | May - Jun 2019

A study of the book of Nehemiah. How do we build a new future for a city that’s been broken down and devastated?

Philip Jinadu | May 2019

Jesus tells a story that completely changes the way we think about God. It's good news of the best possible kind.

Panel | May 2019

We interview some of those at the sharp end of the Love Running causes.

Sam Cook | Apr 2019

How do you make a difference when the problems seem so big and what you can offer seems so small?

Philip Jinadu | Apr 2019

If Friday is so Good, why on earth did the Church make Sunday special?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | Mar - Apr 2019

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one. So what was on Jesus’ attack list and why?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | Mar 2019

Hebrews 11 tells the story of heroes of old, ancients who were commended for their faith. Who were they and what can we learn from them?

Sam Cook | Feb 2019

Why do we celebrate baptism, when there is so much pain in the world around us?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Jan - Feb 2019

In a hyper-sexualised age, where anything goes, how should followers of Jesus handle love, sex and relationships?

Rob Scott Cook | Jan 2019

What does God have in store for us as a group of churches in 2019?

Philip Jinadu | Jan 2019

What's most important for us as a community and why should we aspire to be Mickey Mouse?

Matt Price Drewett | Dec 2018

It isn't supposed to be like this. What do we do when our experiences don't match up to our expectations?

Alexia Macleod | Dec 2018

What does the Christmas story tell us about weakness, and why is it good news?

Philip Jinadu | Dec 2018

What's the one word that summarises the meaning of Christmas more than any other?

3 Talks
Chloe Swinney & Kate Jinadu | Nov - Dec 2018

The early church community devoted themselves to Jesus, with a few key practices. What were they and how can we do the same?

Clare Thompson | Nov 2018

Is hearing from God just for the super-spiritual? And if it's not, how do we do it?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Oct - Nov 2018

Is Christianity simply a matter of blind faith? Or are there compelling reasons for believing in God?

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2018

If money, sex, work, pleasure, and even relationships can’t provide ultimate fulfilment - what’s the point?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Sam Cook | Sep 2018

Plenty of people know what it is to trust in God. But how many know what it means to be trusted by Him?

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2018

Pivot points change everything about our future. How do they work and what do they mean for us?

5 Talks
Mat Miles & others | Jul - Aug 2018

If the Jewish Law was from God to us, then Psalms is from us to God. We look at some of these key song prayers and ask - why are they on God's playlist?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Kate Jinadu | Jun - Jul 2018

The story of the church has always been a story of heroes. We take a look at Acts to discover some of the OG characters that turned the world upside down.

Dave Mitchell | Jun 2018

In a contest between doing things right and caring for people, Jesus always put humanity first. How can we follow his example?

Mat Miles | Jun 2018

Is having a heart for Global Mission just for the keenies, or is it more fundamental than that?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Rob Scott Cook | May 2018

We’ve looked at the book of Genesis and Beginnings, now it’s time to discover what the Bible says about our ultimate destiny.

3 Talks
Bev Dobson & others | Apr 2018

More and more of us suffer with fear, anxiety and worry. So how does faith help? How do we live lives with no fear?

Philip Jinadu | Apr 2018

What is healing, how does it work and what is it pointing towards?

Philip Jinadu | Apr 2018

Message from Metro Easter 2018.

Philip Jinadu | Mar 2018

If the Gospel really is Good News, why aren't we more excited about it? Is it possible that it's actually better than most of us realise?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu | March 2018

What makes Genesis such an incredible book and how does it teach us about what it means to be human?

Kate Jinadu | Feb 2018

Is social action a nice add on to faith, or something more fundamentally part of it?

Mat Miles | Feb 2018

Why are some people put off the message of Christianity and what exactly does it mean for us anyway?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Rob Scott Cook | Jan 2018

How to make the principle of sowing and reaping work for you, instead of against you.

Dave Mitchell | Jan 2018

What's the Biblical connection between fasting and feasting - and why do we need both?

Kate Jinadu | Dec 2017

The way the Nativity is traditionally portrayed is a far cry from what actually happened. So what really went on and why does it matter?

2 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Rob Scott Cook | Nov 2017

All of Scripture is about Jesus. Even before he was born in Bethlehem, the Bible gives us hundreds of glimpses into how we would be and what he would do.

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Nov 2017

Jesus has a dream for humanity, a brand new way of doing life. And he uses regular, ordinary people to make that dream a reality.

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Mat Miles | Sep-Oct 2017

How to live an authentic and meaningful life in a photoshopped world.

Tim Dobson | Sep 2017

How do we make sure we live up to the Calling God has for our lives?

Dave Mitchell | Sep 2017

What is calling, how does it come and does God still call people today?

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2017

We celebrate our 2nd Birthday by revisiting our vision and deciding it's got to change...

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Aug 2017

When people met with Jesus their lives were never the same again. We look at how four nameless people’s encounters with Jesus can change us too.

Pam Scott Cook | Jul 2017

What does it mean to live in the Spirit and how do we put that into practice in our everyday lives?

Deborah Marsh | Jul 2017

How do we cope when reality shifts? How can we be confident when we live in such an uncertain world?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Chloe Allen | Jun-Jul 2017

Most of us spend most of our lives in the workplace. So how do we make sure that we bring our faith into our working lives, and what does it look like to serve Jesus at work?

Rob Scott Cook | Jun 2017

What is Biblical, Holy Spirit inspired Confidence - and how can we get it?

Philip Jinadu | May 2017

What exactly is baptism and why is it important for followers of Jesus?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | May 2017

Religious people do all kinds of things to be pious, but what’s the one thing that God actually wants from us? The prophet Micah gives us a simple but challenging answer.

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Dave Mitchell | Apr 2017

The Christian message is ultimately one of life after death. So what does eternal life look like, how can we be sure of it and why don’t we talk about it more often?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Chloe Allen | Mar-Apr 2017

Running is a metaphor for life. So what things can it teach us about living well and is there a training plan for the soul?

Mat Miles | Mar 2017

Drug use in Bristol is higher than almost any other UK city. But what are the hidden costs of this culture - and who ends up paying?

Tim Dobson | Feb 2017

What does the Bible say about healing? How can we pray for healing for others and experience supernatural healing ourselves?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Jan - Feb 2017

Relationships are never easy, but wrong thinking and popular misconceptions make them even more complicated.

Rob Scott Cook | Jan 2017

Have we been doing Communion all wrong? If so, why - and how can we get the most out of it?

Philip Jinadu | Jan 2017

Check out the Discussion section for notes outlining some simple tips and pointers to help you get to grips with Scripture.

Philip Jinadu | Jan 2017

What is Love Running and how does it help us get fit, get friends and change the world? Register your interest at

Philip Jinadu | Jan 2017

Why is it that so many of us struggle with prayer? And is it possible for us to learn how to pray and actually enjoy it?

Chloe Swinney | Dec 2016

What was the significance of the Magi Gifts to Jesus and what relevance do they have to us today?

Philip Jinadu | Dec 2016

There's a reason the Bible is vague when it comes to the Magi - and it's what makes Christmas relevant to us all.

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Clare Thompson | Nov-Dec 2016

It's time to look afresh at God's Grace - often underestimated, sometimes misunderstood, occasionally controversial, but always Amazing.

Trudy Makepeace | Nov 2016

Trudy tells the amazing story of her life on the streets and how God saved her from the red light district and brought her back to life.

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Chloe Allen | Oct-Nov 2016

Every community of Jesus followers has their own way of living out his commands. There are lots of ways to be church, but this is ‘how we do it’.

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Sep-Oct 2016

Answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘Does God exist?’ is not the end of a person’s faith journey, but the start. Then come the really hard questions.

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2016

The Bible knows nothing of solitary faith. So what does a spiritual community look like and how do we access it?

Rob Scott Cook | Sep 2016

What is God's heart for Bristol, and what does it mean for us to 'continually reproduce the life of Jesus'?

Various | Sep 2016

We interview key players from Urban Pursuit, One25 and The Noise to learn what they're doing to serve the city, and how we can get involved as well.

Philip Jinadu | Sep 2016

As a church, why do we do what we do? And what good things are there to look forward to in this, our second year?

Clare Thompson | Jul 2016

The Bible tells us that God's love drives out all fear. But what does that mean and how does it work?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Alex Burn | Jul 2016

It's impossible to go through life without problems and all of us will face heartbreak, stress, worry and relationship breakdowns at some point. So how do we navigate these hard times?

Dave Mitchell | Jun 2016

What does it mean to be empowered by the Holy Spirit? How does it work and how do we access it?

4 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Chloe Allen | May-Jun 2016

Is it wrong to question God? Can doubt ever be anything but negative? And what exactly is faith anyway?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu & others | May 2016

It’s not difficult to infect someone else once you’ve really caught something. So how do we spread the good news about Jesus to those around us? How do we develop a faith that's infectious?

3 Talks
Philip Jinadu | Apr 2016

Finding contentment is not a money problem. It's an emotional problem and a spiritual problem. So how do we live debt-free, generous lives in a culture addicted to consuming?

Clare Thompson | Mar 2016

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the heart of our faith. How did it affect the disciples then and how does it affect us now?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Alex Burn | Feb-Mar 2016

The Bible is full of road trips, journeys where God walks with us to show us who He is. On his way to the cross, Jesus takes his followers The Long Way Round. Because the journey of faith is rarely a straight line.

Rob Scott Cook | Feb 2016

What does it mean to be an Infectious Discipleship and what difference does it make to our world?

5 Talks
Philip Jinadu & Alex Burn | Jan-Feb 2016

In today’s culture, it’s easier than ever to have sex. Yet so many of us struggle to find the kind of fulfilling, joyful and lasting relationships we yearn for. Maybe it’s time to put the relationship back into 'sex and relationships'.

Dave Mitchell | Jan 2016

We start the New Year thinking of the dreams that God has for us and the ways in which he can use our stories to change the lives of others.

Dave Mitchell | Dec 2015

Unlike many of us, Jesus never put religion before humanity. What can we learn from his example about touching someone else's heart?

Luke Addison | Dec 2015

What was the original Christmas message - and why was it delivered to a bunch of shepherds, of all people?