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When we talk about Mentoring in Metro, we're really talking about inviting others to have a say in our lives, so that we can develop good habits and character. As far as our vision goes, it's our main way of helping people FOLLOW Jesus and become more like him.

Mentoring is simply about asking someone else to hold you to account and help you go deeper in your faith. It's the next stage of spiritual development we offer, once you've become part of a Hub.

Mentoring can happen through traditional 'one on one' relationships, or with peers getting together to mentor each other in informal triplets. Typically you'll meet around once a month, setting goals to work on before your next session.

To make things as simple and practical as possible, we've developed an online mentoring app.

Metro Mentoring App

The app provides a smart way to help you evaluate and talk about how you're doing, across a range of spiritual and lifestyle practices.

There are a number of sessions to work through, covering issues such as Prayer, Sabbath, Rhythms of Life, Morality, Finance and Relationships - as well as a Baptism Preparation course. 

Each session ends with some practical goals that you can set and then work through in the month or so before your next session.

Mentors can make notes of your time together, which then show up on your personal Dashboard.

Want to know more? Drop Kate a line.