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Everything to do with what the church is, what the church does and why the church brings hope

Find & Follow

A last message before going on Sabbatical. Why it's not enough to just help people Find Jesus - we have to be devoted to Following him on the path of discipleship too. 

Love & Serve // Kate Jinadu
Love & Serve

How do we hold the in out tension of loving one another, yet serving the city around us?

Worship Well

Is it right to put limits on the way we do worship in order to help others? If so, what does that look like?

Consider Others

Another thing tearing the Corinthian church apart was inconsiderate behaviour between believers. So is it right to change how we act depending on what others believe?

Come Together

How do you pull things back together when the church gets torn apart by division?

Hold Spur Meet 3: Meet Together // Emily Toogood
Meet Together

Meeting together is a habit. You can gain it and you can lose it? So why are some people giving up on this? And does it matter.

Image of God // Dave Mitchell
Image of God

God's image is in us, not just as individuals, but as the body of Christ. So why is that a problem?

End of the World - Part 5: A Lesson from Hisotry // Philip Jinadu
A Lesson from History

It’s not the first time the world’s felt like it was ending. How did the early church cope with their crisis and what can it teach us?

Last Things First // Philip Jinadu
Last Things First

Why is that the things that are the most important are often the most neglected? Time to put last things first.

May They Be One

What's the prayer that Jesus prays for the church? And why is it so important?

Justice League

How did the early church prioritise serving the needs of the poor and social justice - and what did it cost them?

Help Me Help You

Paul gives a model for discipleship and mentoring that is key to this day. What does that look like, how do we engage with it in practice and why is it necessary?

One Job

Jesus gave the disciples one job to do - to be his witnesses so that the good news would reach everyone. What does that mean for us and how do we fulfil our ‘one job’?

Crutch or Call to Action?

The Spirit came to equip us to bring God's Kingdom to a broken world. So how does that work and what is Pentecost?

Roman Candles

Nothing can explain the spread of the early church, against all the odds. It was a group of trouble makers who turned the world upside down.

The Pivot

Pivot points change everything about our future. How do they work and what do they mean for us?

John Mark

A disappointment and a failure. How did God turn a reject into one of the most widely read authors in history?


A powerful woman in a man’s world. What does Priscilla’s story tell us about the church’s radical empowering of women?


A sworn enemy. How did God use the most Jewish man around to totally transform the non-Jewish world?


A coward out of his depth. What was it that transformed Peter from chicken to champion?


A nice guy that was happy to finish last. How can you tell that someone is all in for God's Kingdom?


Jesus promised that his church would overcome the power of darkness and death in the world. So what does that look like and how do we go about changing our society?


Why is community and vulnerability at the heart of what it means to be church, and why is it so desperately needed in our society as a whole?


The second in our series, Irresistible, on what the church is all about. What's the secret to fulfilment in life and what does it cost?


The first in our series, Irresistible on what the church is all about. In your life, is God in a box or is God on the move?