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Discovering the meaning and purpose that God has for our lives
End of the World - Part 2: Live for Something Bigger // Philip Jinadu
Live for Something Bigger

The antidote to worry is not wishful thinking or self-indulgence. It comes from having a grand vision for your life.

SUBLIME - Part 2: Artists at Work // Philip Jinadu
Artists at Work

Most believers are woefully ignorant of the spiritual realities all around us. Paul wants us to know the truth of who’s in charge.

In Harm's Way

What does it look like to overcome strength with vulnerability and how do God's plans work for us?


What does the life of Esther tell us about becoming the Bride of Christ?

One Thing I Do

What is the goal of the Christian life and how do you attain it?

This Is Your Moment

Ultimately the dream that God gives us needs to be fulfilled in our lives for the benefit of others. How does that work?

Your God Given Dream

Is there an over-arching purpose for your life, or are dreams of destiny just for the great and the good?

God's Regret

Is everything that ever happens all part of God’s great plan? And if so, what does that mean for our free will?

Destiny's Child

Does God really have an individual plan for our lives? We look at the life of an ancient king to find out.


How different would our lives be if we truly grasped the fact that we are God's heirs, one day to come into a glorious inheritance?


We've been given the most important job there is. But we'll never achieve it if we don't know how good it really is.


Your destiny is intrinsically tied up with your identity. So what does Ephesians tell us about both?


A Christian’s job is to rebel against the norm, to challenge the prevailing wisdom and to live a different story. What does that mean in practice?

Why are you here?

Why are you here? In a world where our every convenience is catered for, why do we feel like something's missing? If life is a gift, then what's it for? And what gives it meaning?


How do we make lasting changes in our lives?

What's the Point?

If money, sex, work, pleasure, and even relationships can’t provide ultimate fulfilment - what’s the point?

Trusted by a Good God

What exactly does it mean that God trusts us, and how do we make sure we live up to that trust?

Psalm 18

What are we to make of the gleeful depiction of violence and warfare in the Psalms?

Living up to the Calling

How do we make sure we live up to the Calling God has for our lives?

The Calling

What is calling, how does it come and does God still call people today?

Reaching for the Prize

Everyone needs something to aim for. But how do we know which goals to aim for in life, and how do we achieve them?

How to Make Your Life Count

What one person in our lives has the ability to push us further than we think we can go, and how do we find such a person?

Future Hope

If it's true that God has a plan for our lives, how on earth do we discover it for ourselves, and should we even bother?

On the Right Track

In your life journey, direction determines destination. So how do you know you're on the right track and what does it mean to create something out of the teachings of Jesus?