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The Bible

Exploring what the Bible is and how to read and understand it better

Psalm 1

What does it take to stay centred and whole when your world is going up and down?

Infinite Playlist 3: Psalm 138 // Philip Jinadu
Psalm 138

How can you be sure that God will come through for you when times are tough?

Dealing with Doubt - Part 3: House of Cards // Philip Jinadu
House of Cards

Many of us have built our faith on shaky foundations. So what are the keys to having a robust faith that stands the test of time?


Businesswoman, entrepreneur and curious about faith, Lydia used her influence to bring the church to a brand new part of the world.

Ananias & Sapphira

Religious hypocrisy has been a danger to the church from the start. Meet two people that went from role model to cautionary tale.


In a world powered by slavery, one man had to learn how to model a brand new community, where a master becomes a brother.


She was known for her acts of love, kindness and generosity. Oh, and the fact that she got raised from the dead.

Under Armour

What do we do with all the truth we’ve received from this book? We fight, that’s what. Time to suit up and get ready for the battle.

Loving, Open & Smart

Most people believe three lies about living the Christian life. So what exactly is the truth and how do we live that out?

SUBLIME - Part 4: No Longer Infants // Sam Cook
No Longer Infants

Knowing all we know now about our identity and destiny in Christ, how do we live all this out in practice?

SUBLIME - Part 3: 4D Love // Philip Jinadu
4D Love

The most important thing in the Christian life is to know the love of God for us. But how do you get your head round something that surpasses knowledge?

SUBLIME - Part 2: Artists at Work // Philip Jinadu
Artists at Work

Most believers are woefully ignorant of the spiritual realities all around us. Paul wants us to know the truth of who’s in charge.

SUBLIME - Part 1: In Not From // Philip Jinadu
In Not From

The modern take on Identity and Self Worth is supposed to empower us, but is in danger of overwhelming us. Time to open our eyes to a different way.

Hell Below

**Some audio issues for first 13 minutes** Pitch forks and everlasting flames - no wonder people find the idea of hell repulsive. But what does the Bible actually teach?

Wholly Scripture

For many, the Bible is a book full of contradiction and myth. So can we trust the whole thing or should we just pick the good bits?

Up, Up and Away!

If we're not going to heaven when we die then what exactly does happen? And what about all the Bible verses that talk about going to be with Jesus?

Heavens Above

Sitting on clouds and endless hymn practice is nobody’s idea of fun. So why should we be excited by the promise of heaven?

Back to the Future

John starts his Jesus story at the beginning of time. How does this impact the way we understand the nature of Jesus?

Stronger with Scripture

How do we establish a robust and rewarding relationship with Scripture? What does that look like and what are the keys to success?

Psalm 67

What does it mean to be blessed and is it even possible in a time of disruption and crisis?

Psalm 51

What do we do when we mess up and how do we get our relationship with God back on track?

Psalm 33

What is at the heart of true worship?

Psalm 84

What does it mean to be 'on pilgrimage' and how do we cope when our faith goes through a dry patch?

Psalm 1

What's the key to success and fruitfulness?

In the Valley

What do you when your worst fears are realised? How do you navigate the dark valleys of life?

How to Read the Bible (Notes)

Check out the Discussion section for notes outlining some simple tips and pointers to help you get to grips with Scripture.