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What we're going for and where we're heading
Find & Follow

A last message before going on Sabbatical. Why it's not enough to just help people Find Jesus - we have to be devoted to Following him on the path of discipleship too. 

Love & Serve // Kate Jinadu
Love & Serve

How do we hold the in out tension of loving one another, yet serving the city around us?

Sin City 5: Understand Hope // Philip Jinadu
Understand Hope

What practical difference does having a good theology of resurrection have on our every day lives?

Seeker Friendly Church

Jesus' encounter with a notorious tax collector was a shocking incident full of controversy and surprises. Perfect material for the start of our year. 

Last Things First // Philip Jinadu
Last Things First

Why is that the things that are the most important are often the most neglected? Time to put last things first.


God is always speaking to His church. So what does He want to say to us for 2022?

Back to the Future

We're back in our original venue. What better time to explore the reason we do all of this in the first place?!


A new year gives a new opportunity to hear from God. So what is God saying to His church?

Plan A

What’s God’s plan for reaching our world and does He have any back up options?


As we prepare to launch our second service we look at the vision of the church and what God is specifically speaking to us for today.

Dreaming the Future

Where does vision come from and what difference does it make?

Supernatural Breakthrough

What does God have in store for us as a group of churches in 2019?

Mickey Mouse Church

What's most important for us as a community and why should we aspire to be Mickey Mouse?

The Pivot

Pivot points change everything about our future. How do they work and what do they mean for us?

The Life of Jesus

What is God's heart for Bristol, and what does it mean for us to 'continually reproduce the life of Jesus'?

Happy Birthday, Metro!

As a church, why do we do what we do? And what good things are there to look forward to in this, our second year?

God Dreams

We start the New Year thinking of the dreams that God has for us and the ways in which he can use our stories to change the lives of others.


We launch the first Metro service with a look at the values we're aspiring to and why partnership is the only way to do church.