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Philip Jinadu

Senior Team Leader

Find & Follow

A last message before going on Sabbatical. Why it's not enough to just help people Find Jesus - we have to be devoted to Following him on the path of discipleship too. 

The Running God // Philip Jinadu
The Running God

With Love Running happening this morning, what's the point of the whole thing and how does it embody something of God's nature?

Sin City 5: Understand Hope // Philip Jinadu
Understand Hope

What practical difference does having a good theology of resurrection have on our every day lives?

Live Free

Why is it that the pursuit of sexual freedom is so often the very thing that takes away freedom? What exactly is the standard for the disciple when it comes to sex?

Come Together

How do you pull things back together when the church gets torn apart by division?

Metro Easter

Come and celebrate Easter Sunday with us. As well as our more stripped back morning service, we're having a special Evening Celebration, complete with Easter Readings and Communion.

Jesus Eats 5: The Resurrection Supper // Philip Jinadu
The Resurrection Supper

Barely has Jesus risen from the dead than he’s sharing a meal with a couple of oblivious disciples. What’s behind this weird story?

The Wedding Bash

Jesus’ first miracle happened at a dinner party. But what does it tell us about his mission and the Kingdom of God?

Love with Legs

We're loved by God. But does it stop there? Or does love demand something of us?

Hold On

Yesterday’s faith isn’t good enough. So how do we hold on to a hope for today when we’re going through hard times?

Seeker Friendly Church

Jesus' encounter with a notorious tax collector was a shocking incident full of controversy and surprises. Perfect material for the start of our year. 

Metro Carols

The highlight of our year! Join us as we celebrate the joy and meaning of Christmas!

Foretold 3: The Prophet // Philip Jinadu
The Prophet

If the signs of Jesus coming into the world were clearly foretold by ancient prophets, why didn't more people recognise him? Have we got Biblical prophecy all wrong?

The Garden

The coming of Jesus wasn't an emergency response to a world gone bad. It was planned and promised from the very beginning.

Disciplines that Make a Difference - Part 3: The Discipline of Giving // Philip Jinadu
The Discipline of Giving

We tend to think of giving as an off the cuff response to an emotional ask. But what if it’s a practice that shapes our discipleship?

Disciplines that Make a Difference - Part 1: The Discipline of Fasting // Philip Jinadu
The Discipline of Fasting

For hundreds of years fasting was a weekly practice of every Christian. So why did we drop it and is there more to it than just going hungry?

The Road Less Travelled - Part 2: The Way of the Cross // Philip Jinadu
The Way of the Cross

The Way of Jesus is a direct challenge to the direction most people take. It’s a way of self-denial that embraces weakness and rejection. It’s the way of the cross. 

The Road Less Travelled - Part 1: Where are you Headed? // Philip Jinadu
Where are you headed?

The easiest way to see where a person is headed is to see where they’ve come from. Maybe it’s time to change direction. 

Mission Generation - Part 2: Radical Devotion // Philip Jinadu
Radical Devotion

Here's a paradox. The first disciples impacted the world around them not by looking outward, but by looking inward. How on earth does this work?

Radical Vision

The first believers began their mission with an extraordinary vision. So what was it and what can we learn from it?

Psalm 1

What does it take to stay centred and whole when your world is going up and down?

Infinite Playlist 3: Psalm 138 // Philip Jinadu
Psalm 138

How can you be sure that God will come through for you when times are tough?

The Call - Part 2: The Call to Proclaim // Philip Jinadu
The Call to Proclaim

Jesus called his disciples to proclaim his Kingdom, with actions as well as words. But he never said we have to do it in our own strength.

Dealing with Doubt - Part 3: House of Cards // Philip Jinadu
House of Cards

Many of us have built our faith on shaky foundations. So what are the keys to having a robust faith that stands the test of time?

Dealing with Doubt - Part 1: Disappointed with God // Philip Jinadu
Disappointed with God

It’s easy to believe when all is going well. But how do we cope when we feel let down by God?

David - Part 4: Bathsheba // Philip Jinadu

We tend to think we can indulge our worst desires a little and get away with it. But the price is always far, far greater than we expect. 

David - Part 3: Achish // Philip Jinadu

Taking matters into your own hands will only take you so far. Unless you can find strength in God you won’t recover when you hit rock bottom. 

David - Part 2: Doeg // Philip Jinadu

Why is it that when challenges and discouragement come, we often forget the very lessons that bought us success in the first place?

Resurrection Fallout // Philip Jinadu
Resurrection Fallout

Ever thought that Christianity was based on teaching and superstition? Think again. It's based on history and fact. This is how.

Promise Keeper - Part 5: The Promise of Blessing // Philip Jinadu
The Promise of Blessing

God promises to open the windows of heaven and pour out overwhelming blessing on those that trust Him with their wealth.

Promise Keeper - Part 1: Yes and Amen // Philip Jinadu
Yes and Amen

God’s promises are not like anyone else’s. They are rock solid, guaranteed. But is there a part we have to play?

How to Pray - Part 5: God's Help // Philip Jinadu
God's Help

The Lord's Prayer ends with a strong focus on evil and temptation. But why, and does God really test us?

How to Pray - Part 2: God's Kingdom // Philip Jinadu
God's Kingdom

Prayer gives us the opportunity to change the world for better. Time to learn how to pray the will of God.

How to Pray - Part 1: God's Goodness // Philip Jinadu
God's Goodness

The whole point of prayer is to meet with God, not just serve him up a shopping list. Let’s start on the right note.

Recognise and Receive

What does the feast of Christmas mean when most of the pouplation don't believe in the Christ? And what does it mean to recognise God in today's world?

Hope of Future Past // Philip Jinadu
Hope of Future Past

The way most of us view advent renders it pretty pointless. So is there more happening here than first meets the eye?

Tales of the Unexpected - Part 2: Prayer, Unexpected // Philip Jinadu
Prayer, Unexpected

The Parable of the Persistent Widow: Why prayer doesn't work the way we expect it to and why more rests on us than we think.

Tales of the Unexpected - Part 1: Faithfulness, Unexpected // Philip Jinadu
Faithfulness, Unexpected

The Parable of the Talents: Why faithfulness isn't what you think it is and why God doesn't want what you think He does.

End of the World - Part 5: A Lesson from Hisotry // Philip Jinadu
A Lesson from History

It’s not the first time the world’s felt like it was ending. How did the early church cope with their crisis and what can it teach us?

End of the World - Part 2: Live for Something Bigger // Philip Jinadu
Live for Something Bigger

The antidote to worry is not wishful thinking or self-indulgence. It comes from having a grand vision for your life.

End of the World - Part 1: Trouble Ahead // Philip Jinadu
Trouble Ahead

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Things were supposed to get better, not worse. Good job someone saw this coming.

One Job - Part 2: Disciple As You Baptise // Philip Jinadu
Disciple As You Baptise

What makes baptism such a big deal and what does it mean for believers?

One Job - Part 1: Disciple As You Go // Philip Jinadu
Disciple As You Go

How are we supposed to do mission when we're struggling ourselves - and since when did evangelism become a dirty word?

Under Armour

What do we do with all the truth we’ve received from this book? We fight, that’s what. Time to suit up and get ready for the battle.

Loving, Open & Smart

Most people believe three lies about living the Christian life. So what exactly is the truth and how do we live that out?

SUBLIME - Part 3: 4D Love // Philip Jinadu
4D Love

The most important thing in the Christian life is to know the love of God for us. But how do you get your head round something that surpasses knowledge?

SUBLIME - Part 2: Artists at Work // Philip Jinadu
Artists at Work

Most believers are woefully ignorant of the spiritual realities all around us. Paul wants us to know the truth of who’s in charge.

SUBLIME - Part 1: In Not From // Philip Jinadu
In Not From

The modern take on Identity and Self Worth is supposed to empower us, but is in danger of overwhelming us. Time to open our eyes to a different way.

The Story of Justice -  Part 3: Redemption // Philip Jinadu

The Old Testament teaches us that justice without Jesus is futile. The New Testament teaches that justice with Jesus looks like the redemption of all things.

One Another -  Part 3: Submit // Philip Jinadu

For many, submission is a dirty word, an oppressive system ripe for abuse. So why does the Bible command it?

One Another -  Part 1: Love // Philip Jinadu

The One Another that defines and encapsulates all the other One Anothers. So why isn’t it as simple as it sounds? (*2 mins of sound issues at 21 min mark)

He is Risen

The centre of Christianity is Easter Sunday, not Good Friday. It's just that a cross is easier to draw than an empty tomb.

King of Your Wealth

Jesus is not the only King vying for our loyalty. So what does it mean to serve Jesus as King with what we possess and what’s in it for us?

Good God!

If we don’t understand how truly good God is, we’ll never fully trust Him or experience Him. Time to find out just how good He is.

Crazy Sexy Love -  Part 4: Making Love (Last) // Philip Jinadu
Making Love (Last)

Our culture is great at the casual fling but long lasting relationships, not so much. So what are the keys to growing love over the long haul?

Lust, Lies & Love Triangles

For a society that prides itself on being sex-positive, we experience an awful lot of hurt, brokenness and shame. Time to sort out lies from truth.

This is the Way

Why does the Bible make such a big deal about sex? And does it matter if we don't actually go along with it?

Last Things First // Philip Jinadu
Last Things First

Why is that the things that are the most important are often the most neglected? Time to put last things first.

Light in the Darkness

For many, Christmas is a time of frivolity and escapism. But the true meaning shines brightest in our darkest times.

In Harm's Way

What does it look like to overcome strength with vulnerability and how do God's plans work for us?

Let's Be Enemies

Nobody wants to rock the boat but there comes a point for every believer where you have to choose to make some enemies.

The Girl With Two Names

How do you keep living as a believer in a world designed to swallow faith whole?

3 Questions

We all have questions about life, meaning and faith - but what are the best ones to ask?

Hearse With A Luggage Rack

We’re told the one who dies with the most toys wins. Maybe we’re playing the wrong game.

Me, Me, Me

We no longer find our identity in what others think of us, but in what we think about ourselves. So why isn't it working?

It IS Brain Surgery

Our lives are more shaped by forces outside our control than we care to admit. It's time to join the resistance.

Mystic Radical

What does it mean to have ‘highways in your heart’? And how does the vision of an activist trapped in the body of a mystic affect how we do church?

Credited to Your Account

What’s the secret to contentment? Is there an alternative to materialism? And how does God reward generosity?

One Thing I Do

What is the goal of the Christian life and how do you attain it?

Others Above Yourselves

In a world where everyone looks out for number one, is it at all realistic to consider the needs of others above your own?

The Important Thing

Paul's letter from prison is not what you expect. So what are his twin keys to a life of unreasonable joy?

Hell Below

**Some audio issues for first 13 minutes** Pitch forks and everlasting flames - no wonder people find the idea of hell repulsive. But what does the Bible actually teach?

Up, Up and Away!

If we're not going to heaven when we die then what exactly does happen? And what about all the Bible verses that talk about going to be with Jesus?

Heavens Above

Sitting on clouds and endless hymn practice is nobody’s idea of fun. So why should we be excited by the promise of heaven?

Fighting Friends

What happens when friction and fighting hit friendship? And how do you call a friend out without jeopardising the relationship?

New Purpose, New Perspective

The resurrection is the defining event of history. But it's so much more than that.


John records 7 signs intended to help us believe in Jesus. So what makes them so convincing and why should we care?

This Is Your Moment

Ultimately the dream that God gives us needs to be fulfilled in our lives for the benefit of others. How does that work?

First Minister

Most of us have misconceptions when it comes to ministers and ministry. So how does Joseph’s example shine light on things?

Drop Your Coat

We all struggle with temptation, often falling into the same holes over and over again. But is it possible to successfully overcome temptation?

Your God Given Dream

Is there an over-arching purpose for your life, or are dreams of destiny just for the great and the good?

Rule of Life

The best way to develop spirituality is to commit yourself to a set of spiritual disciplines. What can we learn from Jesus about this?

A Better Dream

Joseph is often overlooked at Christmas. But his is a story of joyous hope in the midst of shattered dreams.

Sell Your Possessions

Why does Jesus put such emphasis on money and wealth and do we really have to give up everything to follow him?


What do you do when prayers don’t get answered and God is nowhere to be found?


One crucial decision set the tone for Daniel’s new normal and made sure that he wasn’t just a victim of circumstance.

We Need to Talk about You

It's easier to look at the problems all around you and see what's wrong. But you won't get far if you don't take a hard look at yourself.

We Need to Talk about Jesus

Where exactly does Jesus fit in with this whole God thing - and why should anyone really care?

God's Regret

Is everything that ever happens all part of God’s great plan? And if so, what does that mean for our free will?

Destiny's Child

Does God really have an individual plan for our lives? We look at the life of an ancient king to find out.

Plan A

What’s God’s plan for reaching our world and does He have any back up options?

Help Me Help You

Paul gives a model for discipleship and mentoring that is key to this day. What does that look like, how do we engage with it in practice and why is it necessary?

One Job

Jesus gave the disciples one job to do - to be his witnesses so that the good news would reach everyone. What does that mean for us and how do we fulfil our ‘one job’?

A New Hope

The Biblical story is a story of hope and fulfilment. God’s plans will ultimately prevail and His cosmic purposes will be completed. But what does this look like and what part do we have to play?

Pebble Rock

Christianity is based on a historical person and a historical event. So how trustworthy is it?

Going Under

What do you do in the midst of doubt and darkness? And what are the keys to having a storm tested faith?

When You Pray

How do we go deeper in prayer and what stops it from becoming dry and religious?

When You Give

What does giving have to do with spirituality - and how does it bring us closer to God and happiness?

Hands & Feet

How do the small details of Easter Sunday help us understand the way God feels about us? Watch the whole service again here.

Donkey King

What is Palm Sunday and what does it have to do with the crisis we're facing?

The Shape of a Kiss

Psalm 23 is the best of all the psalms - exquisitely constructed and eternally comforting. So what makes it so special?


How different would our lives be if we truly grasped the fact that we are God's heirs, one day to come into a glorious inheritance?


We've been given the most important job there is. But we'll never achieve it if we don't know how good it really is.


Your destiny is intrinsically tied up with your identity. So what does Ephesians tell us about both?

Lose Yourself

What's the meaning of baptism and what does it have to do with the 2 big questions of life?

Fighting Chance

The statistics for sustaining a relationship for life are not good. So how can we give ourselves a fighting chance for success and happiness?

Guiding Principle

There's nothing wrong or sinful about our appetites. So why doesn't indulging them always lead to lasting happiness?

The Unrecognised God

What if the reason we don't believe in God is that we've missed the signs? What if He's always been there - but we just didn't recognise Him? A Christmas message.

Team One Talent

What would it be like if we could re-write our story of fear and insecurity into a story of faith and success?

Offensive Grace

What sets Christianity apart from every other belief system - and why does it provoke such hostility and aggression?

What They Don't Tell You

Conventional wisdom would tell you that belief in God is unscientific, unreasonable and irrational. But the truth is far more dangerous.

Roman Candles

Nothing can explain the spread of the early church, against all the odds. It was a group of trouble makers who turned the world upside down.


A Christian’s job is to rebel against the norm, to challenge the prevailing wisdom and to live a different story. What does that mean in practice?

Why are you here?

Why are you here? In a world where our every convenience is catered for, why do we feel like something's missing? If life is a gift, then what's it for? And what gives it meaning?

S is for Sacrifice

Is it possible to follow Jesus without personal sacrifice? What are some of the sacrifices that we'll have to make for the new service, and what's in it for us?

Contributor or Consumer?

We celebrate Metro's 4th Birthday and share some really big news.

Better at Prayer

What are the keys to an effective prayer life and how do we handle sickness as a community.

Better at Conflict

What causes conflict and breakdown in our relationships, and what can we do about it?

Better at Faith

If we’re saved by salvation alone, why does James declare faith without works dead?

Better at Communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. So what's the secret to better speaking - and listening?

Better at Life

Anyone can do well when life is easy, but succeeding in the difficult times takes both Strength and Skill. And that's easier said than done.

Dreaming the Future

Where does vision come from and what difference does it make?

The Running God

Jesus tells a story that completely changes the way we think about God. It's good news of the best possible kind.

Why Not Friday?

If Friday is so Good, why on earth did the Church make Sunday special?

Jesus vs. Greed

Jesus had more to say about money than almost any other subject. Why is this and what does it mean for us?

Jesus vs. Evil

What is the nature of evil, and how did Jesus set about dismantling it?

Jacob Blessed

What is faith, how does it inform the way we live, and what is its connection to blessing others and worshipping God?

The Divine Art of Kintsugi

Is there a way to come out of sexual brokenness and regret into wholeness and freedom?

A Love That Dares

What’s it like being part of the LGBT community and a follower of Jesus?

The Purity Principle

What guidelines does the Bible give for modern couples building relationships?

A Broken Revolution

What benefits did the sexual revolution bring, and at what cost?

Get Fit

What is Love Running and why do we want everyone to do it?

Mickey Mouse Church

What's most important for us as a community and why should we aspire to be Mickey Mouse?

Glimpse of Grace

What's the one word that summarises the meaning of Christmas more than any other?

Added Daily

Healthy church is growing church. What was the early church's experience of growth and how can we see the same? Baptism Special.

Supernatural Encounters

Rational arguments are all well and good. But can we experience God's supernatural reality ourselves?

Supernatural Event

Christianity rises or falls on the claim of Resurrection. So is there any evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and how compelling is it?

Historical Fact

Is there any evidence for the person of Jesus Christ? And crucially, is there any evidence that he was more than just a man?

Changed Lives

How does faith in Jesus transform the lives of people today, and what does that mean for us? Baptism Special.

Cosmic Wonders

How does a scientific understanding of our time space universe point us towards a creator?

What's the Point?

If money, sex, work, pleasure, and even relationships can’t provide ultimate fulfilment - what’s the point?

Trusted with Good Things

What resources has God trusted us with? How do we make sure we act as good stewards?

Trusted by a Good God

What exactly does it mean that God trusts us, and how do we make sure we live up to that trust?

The Pivot

Pivot points change everything about our future. How do they work and what do they mean for us?

Psalm 18

What are we to make of the gleeful depiction of violence and warfare in the Psalms?

John Mark

A disappointment and a failure. How did God turn a reject into one of the most widely read authors in history?


A sworn enemy. How did God use the most Jewish man around to totally transform the non-Jewish world?


A coward out of his depth. What was it that transformed Peter from chicken to champion?


A nice guy that was happy to finish last. How can you tell that someone is all in for God's Kingdom?


What’s God’s final plan for the cosmos? Is it just an escape from planet earth to a life in the clouds, or something way better?


What does the Bible teach about heaven and hell? And how can we have confidence in where we’re heading?


What is the Christian hope of life after death? What does it look like and why does it matter?


What is healing, how does it work and what is it pointing towards?

Do you Believe?

Message from Metro Easter 2018.

Fake News

If the Gospel really is Good News, why aren't we more excited about it? Is it possible that it's actually better than most of us realise?

Synergy in the Beginning

Genesis reveals man’s relationship with God. So how do we influence our maker?

Salvation in the Beginning

Genesis lays out the heart of the human condition. So where is God when things go wrong?

Sex in the Beginning

Genesis was thousands of years ahead of its time. So what makes its teachings on sexual identity and intimacy so radical?

Character Follows

Is there more to good character than simply good choices and habits? Is there better news than simply 'try harder'?

Prosperity Follows

How do we make good financial decisions that set us up for the long haul, and what’s the place of giving when money is tight?

Intimacy Follows

What actions, decisions and behaviours lead to long term intimacy and what ones work against it?

Destiny Follows

What is the principle of sowing and reaping, and why do so few people make life decisions based on it?

Unto Us

Isaiah gives one of the most famous flash forwards to the life of Jesus. So what can we learn from his incredible prophecy?


Jesus doesn’t promise his followers an easy ride, but he does give them his authority. So what does that look like and how does it work?


What’s God’s dream for humanity look like? And what part can we play in making that dream a reality?


Most of us are painfully aware of our weaknesses and shortcomings. But are they the very things that make us special?


Where do we turn when we’re lost, hassled and in pain? Where can we find comfort and hope in the dark times?


What’s the secret to winning in life, particularly when the odds are stacked against you?


Why is it so easy to make the wrong decision and how do we get back on track?


How can we be truly ourselves in a world obsessed with outward appearances and the pursuit of the superficial?

Happy 2nd Birthday, Metro

We celebrate our 2nd Birthday by revisiting our vision and deciding it's got to change...

The Miracle Man

Not everyone will be happy when good things happen to you. So how do you react when people have a problem with your faith?

The Beloved Enemy

What exactly is faith and what do you need to see miracles happen in your life and the lives of others?

The One Percenter

What does discipleship look like and how can we make sure that our possessions don’t end up possessing us?

The Bad Samaritan

What qualifications do you need to have in order to bring God’s good news to others, and how do you go about it?

Work It with Balance

It’s not always easy finding a healthy work/life balance in today’s culture. So what are the keys to winning at work without losing at life?

Work It with Faith

Few Christians view work the way the Bible does - as a place of ministry. So how do we bring God’s Kingdom to the workplace?

Work It with Integrity

How do you handle yourself at work when faced with the challenges of bullying, compromise and a toxic culture?

Work It with Purpose

According to the Bible work isn’t a necessary evil but a part of God’s good plan. So what exactly is God’s purpose for work?

What is Baptism?

What exactly is baptism and why is it important for followers of Jesus?

Act Justly

Why is meeting the needs of the marginalised an issue of justice, not just charity?

Love Mercy

What does it mean to truly love mercy - and why do religious people find it so hard?

Hope of Resurrection

Resurrection was the key message of the early church. What exactly is it, who is it for and why aren’t we more excited by it?

Death of Death

If Jesus’ death brings us our forgiveness, then his resurrection brings us our future. So what did he do that first Easter and why does it matter?

Reaching for the Prize

Everyone needs something to aim for. But how do we know which goals to aim for in life, and how do we achieve them?

Recovering from Hurt

Life is a high impact sport and it’s difficult not to get hurt. So how do we recover from the knocks and can we live injury free?

Training for Life

What is the training effect and how can we apply it to our emotional, relational and spiritual lives?

Love Me Don't

When you think that love is a feeling and the easiest thing in the world to express.

Try Before You Buy

When you think the best way to prepare for a lifetime together is to move in together.

You Complete Me

When you think there’s a special soulmate out there who will meet your needs and make you happy.

Better Not

When you think the ideal relationship is simply not attainable, or just not worth the bother.

How to Read the Bible (Notes)

Check out the Discussion section for notes outlining some simple tips and pointers to help you get to grips with Scripture.

Love Running

What is Love Running and how does it help us get fit, get friends and change the world? Register your interest at

How to Pray

Why is it that so many of us struggle with prayer? And is it possible for us to learn how to pray and actually enjoy it?

You are the Magi

There's a reason the Bible is vague when it comes to the Magi - and it's what makes Christmas relevant to us all.

Grace in a Box

What do the events surrounding the first Nativity have to do with Grace? Have we got our view of Christmas all wrong?

The Difference

When Jesus first spoke his message of grace it caused upset and outrage. Why is that and what’s so amazing about grace?

How We Do Invitation

Why do we talk about ‘church you can bring your friend to’? Why don’t we just concentrate on those that belong?

How We Do Giving

Why is it important to cultivate a lifestyle of generosity and how do we facilitate that as a community?

How We Do Social Action

What does serving the city look like in practice for us, and how do we make sure social action isn’t just for the select few?

If God is Powerful

If God controls all things, why bother praying? If everything that happens is part of His plan, what does that leave for us to do?

If God is Loving

How do we possibly reconcile the idea of a loving God with a world full of pain, tragedy and sorrow? Featuring Rachel Riddall

If God is Real

Does belief in God make any real difference to a person’s life? Or is it just an interesting thing to think about now and then?

All Together Now

The Bible knows nothing of solitary faith. So what does a spiritual community look like and how do we access it?

Happy Birthday, Metro!

As a church, why do we do what we do? And what good things are there to look forward to in this, our second year?

Worried Sick

Jesus repeatedly told his followers not to worry, but it may just be the command that’s hardest to keep. So how do we get on top of anxiety?

Broken Up

How do we recover when our hearts have been broken? What’s the key to surviving relationship breakdowns without becoming hard and bitter?

Falling Down

Where do you go when you hit rock bottom? And what's the key to overcoming crippling discouragement?

The Core

What do we base our faith on and what’s the foundation of our belief? How do we move forward confidently, even in the midst of uncertainty?

The Covenant

What is the nature of true faith? How does it work and what’s the difference between having faith in a person and having faith in a belief?

The Trap

Putting our faith in our beliefs is a trap that can make us shallow, arrogant and ultimately insecure. So why do so many Christians misunderstand the true nature of faith?


What does it mean to be commissioned to share the Good News, and what happens if you don’t feel confident or qualified?

Give Save Live

Generosity isn't about having lots of money or a particular type of personality. It's a way of life that anybody can choose. So how do we develop a lifestyle of cheerful generosity and what are the benefits?

Life After Debt

The average person spends 10% more than they earn. For most of us, debt is a way of life. So how do we break free and what are the keys to getting a handle on our finances?

The Secret

Capitalism runs on discontentment - it's a system designed to make us always want more, bigger, better, newer. So how do we beat the system and what exactly is the Secret of Contentment?

On This Day

The Jerusalem Journey ends with vast crowds and huge public adulation. Yet Jesus weeps because most fail to grasp the point of the journey. Do we really understand what Jesus is about or have we also missed the point?

Only One Thing

When it comes to followers, Jesus is not just looking for people to believe in him, embrace his teaching and do good. He’s after something altogether more profound.

Lambs Among Wolves

Jesus chooses a group of ordinary people to do something utterly extraordinary. He trusts them with a world-changing message, but gets them to deliver it in the most vulnerable and humble way possible.

Face Like Flint

What does it mean to be on a journey of faith? What does it mean to follow Jesus? And exactly were are we following him to?

Loving is Hard

The Bible’s matter-of-fact promise of joyful and loving relationships that are harmonious, kind, tender and long lasting seems too good to be true. So how do such relationships work and how do you get one?

Commitment is Hard

Most relationships don’t go the distance, and those that do don’t always inspire confidence in 'happily ever after'. So what’s the secret to staying committed to one another and enjoying it?

Singleness is Hard

In a culture that idealises happy couples, being single can feel like second best. But singleness offers unique possibilities for personal growth. So how do we use our singleness to invest in ourselves, as well as in any future relationships?

Happiness is Hard

Short term happiness is relatively easy to get, but finding really deep and lasting happiness is much harder. Is it possible that establishing helpful boundaries for our sex lives is a key in the pursuit of happiness?

Always Been Never Before

The true meaning of Christmas can be summed up in one word - Immanuel, the God who's always been there, experienced in a way like never before.

What the Hell?

For some people Hell is a deal breaker: ‘I can’t believe because the idea of God sending billions of ordinary people to hell for not being Christians is abhorrent.'

The Holey Bible?

For some people The Bible is a deal breaker: 'I can’t believe because I’m not convinced the Bible is reliable. It’s full of contradictions, errors and exaggerated stories added long after the real events.'

A Convenient Truth?

For some people Absolute Truth is a deal breaker: ‘I can’t believe because of all the other religions out there. It’s arrogant and ignorant of Christians to say their way is the only way.'

Monkey's Uncle?

For some people Evolution is a deal breaker: 'I can’t believe because science gives us a much better answer to where we came from than some fairy tale about Adam and Eve.

How to Exceed Expectations

Most of us have fairly modest expectations of our own lives. But what if there was more out there for us? What if we could exceed all expectations?

How to Get Back on Track

We all make a mess of things from time to time. So how do you make things right when they've gone so wrong?

How to Make Your Life Count

What one person in our lives has the ability to push us further than we think we can go, and how do we find such a person?

How to Start Well

When a new job, a new relationship or a new phase of life comes along, it bring new challenges as well as opportunities. So how do we meet those challenges without losing a part of ourselves?

On the Right Track

In your life journey, direction determines destination. So how do you know you're on the right track and what does it mean to create something out of the teachings of Jesus?


Jesus promised that his church would overcome the power of darkness and death in the world. So what does that look like and how do we go about changing our society?


Why is community and vulnerability at the heart of what it means to be church, and why is it so desperately needed in our society as a whole?


The second in our series, Irresistible, on what the church is all about. What's the secret to fulfilment in life and what does it cost?


The first in our series, Irresistible on what the church is all about. In your life, is God in a box or is God on the move?


We launch the first Metro service with a look at the values we're aspiring to and why partnership is the only way to do church.